In this new age of technology, Mobile Apps become one of the significant needs of retail and ecommerce business landscape. Mobile apps are used by most of the smartphone users. And Mobile Apps have used more than the calling, messaging and web browsing. If you are the owner of an e-commerce business or you are going to startup e-commerce business then you must create your e-commerce mobile app. Otherwise, you are losing a bigger opportunity to grab the attention of a large number of customer.

Mobile App

Being an e-commerce business owner, you must keep yourself updated with the latest e-commerce business trends. This recent e-commerce Mobile Apps trend helps to make your business more user-friendly and increase the visibility of your business.

The Growth Rate of the Mobile User in 2015

The number of smartphone users is growing rapidly. According to the 2015 report, 58% of people are using the mobile app. This notable growth is the answer for your question whether Mobile App marketing is important or not. Below graph represents that how consumer behaving while using a different type of devices.

Mobile App

Apps Are More User-Friendly Than Mobile Browser

According to the study, 78% of people says that they access their favorite shopping site via a Mobile App then through their Mobile browser. Because Mobile App makes the shopping faster, more secure and never worrying about remembering about Site URL and users don’t have to login each time to see the site.

Payment Through Mobile App is Easier

When you create an e-commerce mobile application, it helps you to add secure payment gateway. This helps user to make payment for the product faster and in a secure manner.

Mobile App Social Sharing

While developing your e-commerce Mobile App. You can easily add social sharing button in your App. This features will help your users to share your app with their friends. And you will get a new customer for your Apps. This feature will help you to generate more leads for your business.

Send Push Notification

If you having e-commerce Mobile Apps you can send a push notification. Push Notification can be location based so that you can tell the customer about the product offers, you can send coupons code and much more. This all can be possible if you having Mobile App for your e-commerce business.

Control Over Users Experiences

Through Mobile App, you can get user experience according to the device the user had. In the process of e-commerce Mobile App development, you can control the interface and present faster services. Apps also allow developers to tailor the experience for the device, which lets you go beyond the limitations of responsive web design and work perfectly with the user’s preferred platform (iPhone, Android, etc.)

Mobile Apps Help Brand Loyalty

Nothing put your brand and product in the center like Mobile app do . Because whenever the user uses Mobile they will see your e-commerce App. App becomes the virtual eye for the e-commerce business owners. Because Mobile App is everywhere with the user. This makes Mobile App a powerful; tool for building and nurturing loyal customers.


Having Mobile App for your ecommerce business is most important in this new trend of e-commerce business. There are many benefits of having Mobile App for your business. Want see what Mobile App can do for your e-commerce business? Connect with RebrandOne company is eager to start creating an e-commerce app for your business.