How to make money by owning a dating website.

Start your own online dating business website with a dating software. With a ready-to-use site like Cuddle Point or a clone of a top dating site, you only need to promote the site and perform administrative functions; the professionals take care of all the technical work for you including installation, hosting, setup, troubleshooting, upgrades, monitoring, and support.

There’s no big investment to start up, so you can concentrate on marketing your site. This is where this idea of owning a dating website and making money is so different. When you don’t allow your site provider any banner advertisement on your website and do not allow commissions from your membership fees, while you can put up your own banners and you take home 100% revenue generated from your website.

A ready-to-use dating site like Cuddle Point also offers all-in-one Social Networking Software to create your own social networking site like Facebook, Myspace, Ning, or Friendster. This is the perfect solution for people who have no technical skills, know nothing about building a website, but still want to start its own social networking business.

To begin with you might try any of the following business models:


Business Models:

• Keeping the site free, and rely on advertising for revenues
• Offer monthly subscription
• Offer a ‘fremium’ i.e. allow basic access for nothing, with users paying for extra features.


Ways to earn:

Advertisements: If you don’t want to take money from users, you either need to get it from advertising or from something else – like selling data or demographic info. So primarily your revenues would come from hosting ads on your webpages

Successive Pricing: What you might do is make the site 100% free for at least the first year, then charge for premium features at a later date. Of course you would have got some advertising on there as well (CPA offers).

Using Ad sense: The nice thing about a dating site is that because you’re collecting valuable information, you can profile your audience and laser target ads. Consider this. You might get us to write a component to spot a member uploading a photo of a bald man and obviously you can show them (the bald men) hair loss adverts. I swear Google has been using this trick since long!

Increasing PPC: The chicken and egg situation with dating sites is that they’re no good with Write a few articles, offer free counseling/discussion about dating, meeting men/woman online, romance, relationships, sex etc. They should include information such as dating tips and advice. Put these articles on your website.

Becoming an affiliate: Seek out popular dating sites that would also fit your target demographic. Examples include be,, or Find the affiliate program page and submit your application. The terms of each individual program will tell you how much you get paid and for what actions. For example, some sites pay you a flat fee per registration, whereas others may pay you a flat fee per registration with a credit card. Once approved, incorporate the links from the affiliate program into your own website.

Selling profiles: Well, this is just one way you might take depending on how right you think this would be for you. Some sites have taken to selling user profiles – American women are the most valuable, with 1,000 selling for $35; Australian men are among the least valuable, with 70,000 going for a mere $95. Sure, profiles are valuable things.


How feasible is the idea of making money through a dating site?

Consider these two things – Minimal requirement, good returns. It’s a wide-open market. Barriers to entry are low for industry operators; all you need to become a dating site entrepreneur is a domain name, web hosting and a computer. Once you’ve set up the website, you can sit back and let the algorithms that match people do the work. Billions of dollars have been made, and tens of thousands of weddings have occurred. Giants like Match, E-Harmony and My Single Friend dominate the market, but according to analysts there are as many as 4,000 dating sites active all over the world. All life is there – everything from farmer dating website Muddy Matches, Infidelity dating site Ashley Madison – even extraordinary niches like Sea Captain dating & Ayn Rand Objectivist dating. Online dating is a huge industry, a huge social change and it’s absolutely here to stay. And yes it’s up to you to use this wave to fill your pocket.

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