What is Rebrandone?

Rebrand One is a successful online internet business which has been built to help other internet entrepreneurs to build their online businesses. Be it an Ecommerce idea or the next killer mobile app, Rebrandone team can help you build, scale and market it. Our team uses latest technologies to build world class mass market products. We have been in business since 2007 and have created lot of re-usable code and components which allows us to roll out any software much faster than our competitors. At RebrandOne we have tied up with marketing agencies which have proven track record and we recommend them to our customers making us a one stop destination from idea to prototype stage and marketing. We also help you connect with VCs to raise funds after project gains some traction and has the potential to attract VC attention. We are not a clone shop but an end to end solution for your internet business needs.

We believe internet is the next wave of business and owning a business on the internet is like owning a real estate business. As with real-estate business the value of your property rises with demand in the market, same with internet business, your project/product is your property; its value rises with users.

Facebook has 1 billion users and 100 billion dollar valuation. It’s all about the users.

More users your product gets more value it attains. And yes like real-estate you can sell your project too. There are sites like flippa.com where you can list your site and get bids. Infact there are many internet millionaires whose primary business and buying and selling websites on flippa. Its like a the stock market, where you buy and sell websites, its same for websites, you build/buy a website, promote it, increase its value and sell it! That’s a successful and very viable business model.

Building a business on the Internet is not a fad anymore, it’s for real and there are real companies, real people and real money on the internet.

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