Why are RebrandOne products so costly?

A lot of times we are being asked by our clients – why is your software’s so pricey? While your competition sells similar software for 1/3rd of the price. We ask them one question – Have you ever bought and used an Apple product? Have you ever walked to an Apple Showroom with a defective Apple product? What has been your experience?

Let me share my experience to you all. I am a big fan of Apple products and I own every product in its product line apple has ever shipped, right from an iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro and an Apple TV just to count some of them. I am a special fan of Macbook Pro and use it for everything you can think of. I had a Macbook Pro 17 inch and it was something which I couldn’t live without. Such was the flamboyance of Apple and such is the charisma of Apple products on its fans. I am sure if you own an i-device, you have a similar feeling towards it.

However Apple broke my heart when in June 2012 they discontinued the 17 inch Mac Book Pro. I made up my mind and decided that I am never ever buying any Apple product. On top of that my MacBook’s hard drive started having heating problems and I had to visit an apple service centre to replace the hard drive. When I reached the Apple Service Centre( this was a company owned outlet not a franchisee), I ranted about how doesn’t care about its customers and how they pulled out the 17 inch mac books from the market which were used my so many designers like me. The Store manager was listening to my rant while I was ranting in front of the customer support executive. After I finished, the Store manager approached me and gave a smile, he had a brand new Macbook Pro 15 inches in his hand. He offered it to me and said, sir would you like to give us your OLD 17 inch Macbook pro and in exchange take this BRAND NEW 15 inches Mac Book pro FREE! I was like! OH MAN why not! And this small sweet gesture made me a lifetime customer of Apple again. Since then I have spent thousands of dollars on Apple Products and will keep spending my entire lifetime.

How do you think Apple makes this possible? How do you think they can offer such UN MATCHED, UN PARALLED customer service? They can do this by only charging a premium for what they offer. As they say, you get what you pay for. Apple makes sure whoever buys there products gets the best possible product experience they could ever get from any other company making a similar product. Can you expect an Apple like experience from MicroMax? Never right?

That’s the analogy behind our higher charges. We don’t want to sell our software too cheap and then create a customer service night mare. What customer service can you expect from a company selling scripts for $100-$1000 range? None, absolutely non-existent, and that is why you will read about so many customer horror stories in the interwebs about their products. Horror stories about sloppy bug prone codes, non-existent customer support and other issues. We don’t want our customers to face any such issues. We don’t want them to hue and cry for customer service after parting with their hard earned money.

Rather, we want customers to be WOWed with our products and customer service experience. We want them to be pleased with us and talk great about us, refer us new business and give example of our customer service like people do for Apple today!

Hope you got the idea on why our software is costly and much higher than our competition.We put very highly skilled programmers to build them, pay them well. Rebrandone products are not coded by mediocre programmers. We spend a lot of time and resources in QA, while our competition is little or non existent QA processes. As they Say – You get what you pay for! Or better

When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! You don’t want monkeys do you? ;)

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