Draftkings Clone – An Easy to Customize Script


Draftkings Clone – An Easy to Customize Script

$6,999.00 $4,999.00

Draftkings clone is a simple script having the same features of Draftkings app. Hence can be used to make a replica of the popular US-based online sports betting website. Businesses can probably take the benefit of it in addition offer people the access to a new betting site. Organize fantasy sports contests, products, services, and promotions at one place. Make it powerful enough to survive in the fantasy sports betting market. We can most noteworthy customize it in the way you’ll need. Make profits by gaining new members for it and hence can dominate the competitors.


Draftkings clone is first of all a script of a US based online sports betting website. We can furthermore help people to prepare and customize their own betting website or app. Finally a platform that can probably attract people to join their website. Consequently, One can organize fantasy sports contests, products, and services, in addition promotions. Most of all the main motto of Draftkings app clone is to give the utmost benefits to every new affiliate. In addition, we make sure that the mutual partnership can be successful for both of us.

Draftkings clone offers various betting schemes such as:

  • Guaranteed
  • Qualifiers
  • Head to Head
  • 50-50
  • Leagues
  • Multipliers


Guarantee: In this contest participants will almost get a guaranteed sum of money in conclusion to their position in the rankings. For example:- the total prize money of the contest including it will be almost $ 15000. Most noteworthy, the prize money for the 1st position is $2500. While for 2nd position will be $2000 and so on for the first 30th positions. In addition, a multientry option is available in the contest. As a result one can make 10 multientries to increase their probability to finally win the contest.

Qualifiers: Especially relevant, In this contest the winner will probably be decided according to the gaining of number of bank slots.

Head-to-Head: In this contest seems like 21 persons playing the match then consequently there will be 20 unique one on one matchups. Therefore, one can finally won the match with each win.

50-50: Most noteworthy, in this another 50-50 payout structure is there. For example consider the total prize money of the contest is $27 hence almost the top 50% will as a result win almost $1.80.

Leagues: It most of all depends upon the number of players playing the contest. For example, suppose there are 4 players in a contest consisting of prize money $9.00. Almost the top 1st and 2nd position players will finally get $9.00.

Multipliers: In this contest the players will get amount of money depending upon the total prize of the contest. For example the total prize $450.00 and hence according to the contest first positions will be paid $150.00.


Promotion Tools:

First of all, with our first-class promotion tools at your conveyance, we make online sports betting very simple to make money.

draftkings clone

Active Referrals:

A newly arrived affiliate will receive 50% commission in the first 1 month probably for new referrals. Furthermore your price will be determined according to the quantity of Net Gross income generated by your referrals. Along with large cash prize and great marketing, you just need some active referrals. Hence, its all set for you to start earning commissions at market leading levels.

draftkings clone

Payout Schedules:

A payout schedule can vary for new referrals in addition existing referrals. Mainly a new referral commission rate applies to initial 30 days of betting for anyone after reference.

draftkings clone

The Draftkings clone allows their affiliates probably the option of receiving much profits. One can check or furthermore choose to get their payments directly made into their bank account online or via prepaid MasterCard. Both these methods are secure in addition safe. In conclusion, it is very simple to select and hence finally sign up. After successful registration seems like you’ll get a new source of fixed income. It’ll probably arrives prior to 15th of every month.
Draftkings clone representatives are most of all always available and you can further contact them either via phone or email. Draftkings website clone is therefore dedicated at the service level. In addition, it make sure that much as your queries or concerns must be addressed accurately another quickly as feasible. They almost consider giving a response to your query rather next business day or earlier.

User panel:

  • My contests
  • Refer a friend
  • My account

My contests: Most noteworthy in this feature a user can probably see the current status of the live contests. In addition can easily get the information about the upcoming contests furthermore the details of the contests seems like already finished.


Refer a friend: A user can rather refer his or her friend.  Hence, as a result can earn commission almost 35% on each referral.

draftkings app

My account: In this section especially relevant users can furthermore see their complete details of the account. Such as username, email-id, address, settings, also account details (balance,frequent player points in addition available tickets) and, maybe bonus details.

draftkings app


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