Grafitty App


Grafitty App

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Graffity App is a creative application for iPhone.



Graffity App is a creative application for iPhone. Graffity App memorizes your art creation – painting, drawing, sketching – everything. You can paint or draw the desired sketches, spray, change of color, save, undo, redo, clear etc. You will be able to send live Graffity App arts to a friend who will be able to watch you draw from the first stroke to the last one.

  • Convenient tools of real digital artists.
  • Provides size and intensity settings.
  • Undo/redo operation.
  • Simple and advanced color palettes.
  • Zooming tool for detailed lookout.
  • Saving and sharing animated graffiti through SMS or Email.
  • Saving your graffiti to internal memory as a picture.
  • Sharing items on social networking sites.


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