Uber Clone


Uber Clone

$2,000.00 $1,499.00

The Uber is an app-based transportation network. It provides the Low-Cost vehicle booking facility around the world. A mobile app that can offer your clients a platform to book a ride with convenience. So, it is best to do business with further, a Rebrandone product “Uber Clone” is an exact replica that you can own.



Uber Clone is one of the fantastic and advanced initiations of mobile services. Great features like to receive a request for the ride and sends these requests of the trip to their drivers. Uber clone can offer the best service to your clients. Help people to choose Better, Faster, and cheaper vehicle rides. With one click of selection via MOBILE by using a Rebrandone’s product “Uber app Clone”.


Features of Uber Clone Script

A Uber clone can be customized using several fantastic features. One can also add something that ever Uber doesn’t offer to the client till now. Easily offer a ride which matches the client’s style as well as their budget. Get all the basic features necessary for the people to use it like;

Confirm the Ride with One Click-
This App is based on GPS system of the phone. It can detect the location and connects the user to the nearest available driver. A driver can pick up the users anywhere, even both the driver, as well as users, can know the exact location & address.

Clear Pricing-
It prepares a Fare quote for a trip with the use of “view rates” features for your city.
Convenient Ride-
Now no need to worry, if you clients are not having cash while at the time of booking. They can still get the ride with this App. This app can calculate the fare of the ride and that will automatically be credited to the credit card. Finally, for the confirmation of payment, the client will get an e-receipt in the e-mail.
Hence, this can be a profitable business for one for sure. Still, there is a great demand for this kind of mobile apps everywhere. Finally, launch your own version of Uber and help people to plan their trip from anywhere, anytime.


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